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            Where thinkers become makers

            Make anything you can imagine, from enterprise-grade apps that help factories run smoothly to simple tools to save you time. Mendix is the application platform for everyone to make business better.

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            Create applications that deliver an impact today

            Mendix is the Low-Code application development platform that allows you to go live sooner and get to success faster.

            See what you can make

            What will you make with Mendix?

            Join the 100,000+ applications making an impact already on the Mendix platform.

            • Modernize

              PostNL modernized core delivery systems processing over 40 million events per day so 17 million people get their deliveries on time.

            • Engage

              Chubb entered a brand-new market, launching an unprecedented 12 customer products in only 9 months.

            • Innovate

              Zurich engages millennials with Artificial Intelligence that turns tens of thousands of selfies into life insurance quotes.

            • Automate

              eXp Realty automates end-to-end real estate brokerage processes and grew from the 42nd to 7th largest brokerage firm in one year.

            Anyone with an idea can make powerful applications

            Mendix is the only platform that empowers both business and professional developers to make apps that get to value sooner.

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            Cloud-native. Massively scaled. Freely deployed.

            Our modern architecture is ready to make every app that matters.

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            Mendix leads the way for low-code application development platforms

          1. Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms

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          2. Low-Code Development Platforms For AD&D Pros

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          3. Magic Quadrant for Multiexperience Development Platforms

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            Create enterprise apps 10x faster with Mendix on SAP Cloud Platform

            Learn about SAP + Mendix

            IBM and Mendix Bring Low-Code Development on a Cloud Built for You

            Learn about IBM + Mendix

            • No-code and Low-code in one

              Designed for a range of developers, whether you know code or no code.

            • Collaborative Visual Development

              Intuitive development with built-in collaboration to create what the business needs quickly.

            • Multi-channel Apps

              Build applications once and run them anywhere, without multiple tools and code bases.

            • Cloud Native Architecture

              Best-in-class technology, so youre ready for whatevers next.

            • Open & Extensible

              Platform APIs, model APIs, and SDKs for rich extensibilty options.

            • Unmatched Time to Value

              Go live faster, achieve results sooner.

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