2020 Special Enrollment Period

            Learn About Financial Help

            88% of members qualified for financial help in 20191
            1 CMS.gov, Health Insurance Exchanges 2019 Open Enrollment Report

            Health Plan Basics

            Understand how to use your health care coverage.

            • Plan network
            • Preventive care services
            • Essential health benefits
            • Prescription drug coverage

            Welcome to Your Medicare Plan

            BCBSTX STAR Plan

            We are pleased to offer a STAR plan in the Travis Service Area. This plan is for individuals and families who qualify under Medicaid.

            BCBSTX CHIP Plan

            This health plan is available to children (age 18 and younger) and pregnant women who do not qualify for Medicaid and live in the Travis Service Area.

            BCBSTX STAR Kids Plan

            Our STAR Kids plan provides Medicaid services for children and youth age 20 and younger with disabilities.

            Find a Doctor or Hospital

            Search for doctors, hospitals, dentists, pharmacies and more. Stay in network to help control costs. Members can log in for the most accurate, personalized search results.

            Connect Online Community

            Search articles and watch videos; ask questions and get answers. Topics include everything from improving your well-being to explaining health coverage.Want to keep up with the latest news from Connect? Sign up for the LifeTimes newsletter to get new articles delivered to your inbox every month.

            If your health plan year is ending, its a good time to review your health benefits. You might have benefits you want to use before the end of the plan year.

            You can keep costs low when using your plan by staying in network, which means using the doctors and other health care providers that are in your plans network.

            If you have questions about Medicare, youre in good company. It can be confusing. Here are answers to some common questions.


            When Do You Need Prior Authorization?

            If your doctor ordered a test or treatment, you may need to get approval from BCBSTX first. This is called prior authorization or pre-approval. You can also see a list of services that need prior authorization.

            Pharmacy and Prescription Plans

            If you have prescription drug coverage through Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, learning about your drug benefits can help you and your doctor get the most from your prescription drug coverage.

            Control Costs With SmartER CareSM

            You have choices for where you get non-emergency care what we call SmartER Care options. Use these places instead of the emergency room (ER). Plus, when you visit in-network providers, you may pay less for care.

            • Compare care options
            • Estimate treatment costs
            • Urgent care vs. free-standing emergency room
            • Take the SmartER Care challenge

            Go Digital

            Tell us how and when to reach you. Update your contact information and sign up for text and email alerts to help you keep track of your:

            • Claims
            • Explanation of benefits
            • Saving opportunities
            • Health and well-being

            Get Free In-Person Help

            Our trusted community experts can you give you the one-on-one help you need to shop for health insurance.

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